Yes, it is completely free for tutors to make a listing. When you create a listing, you have two packages to choose from: Free and Pro.


It is completely free for you to create a profile with this package. We will take a 20% commission for the first 5 paid lessons from every new student that books lessons with you. After the first five lessons from your new student have been completed, we will stop taking commission from lessons you have with this student, and all future payments go directly to you.


This listing costs £39 a year and is the simplest way to advertise your music tuition services and gain students. This package gives you more visibility and therefore a higher chance to attract new students. With this package, we will not take any commission from you at all, and we do not require to be copied into email correspondences with students who contact you. After only two lessons, you are likely to earn back what you paid for this package, so it could be a very worthwhile investment to make.

First, you need to make sure that you have created a user. Navigate to our front page, then click on “Log In” in the top right corner. On the bottom left of the box that comes up, click “Sign up for Duett” to create your user profile. Log in with the password you have been sent on an email (and please remember to change this password afterwards). After this, navigate to your dashboard via the menu on the top of the screen and click “Add a Listing”. Follow the instructions to set up your listing and start advertising your services.

Your students pay you directly. How you want to be paid is up to you and your students to decide between yourselves This could be cash or via bank transfer. For ongoing lessons, we recommend that you send an invoice to your students for 5 lessons at a time in advance of the lessons. Paying in bulk is usually the easiest way to handle payments for both tutors and students.

A Pro listing makes your profile more visible by ranking it higher in search results. You also have some more advertising options available, like adding a video to your listing. Although a Pro listing gives you these tools, we can’t guarantee that it will get you more students. It is still up to the students themselves if they want to book lessons with you or not. After purchasing a Pro, make sure you follow these steps to increase the chances of getting contacted by students:

  • Upload a professional-looking profile picture and header.
  • Write a compelling bio on your profile to attract students.
  • Collect reviews from previous or current students. Collecting reviews is one of the best ways to gain credibility as a tutor. These can easily be added by your students from your listing page.

No. Only one listing per tutor is allowed at a time. If you create more than one listing, we will contact you so that you have a chance to tell us which listing you would like to keep. If we don’t hear back from you, we will remove all of them except one without any further warning.

Your students can easily leave you a review if they access your listing page on the website. The more reviews you have the more prominent your profile will look, and you will be ranked higher in the search results. Reviews will reassure other potential students about the quality of your teaching. If you have more reviews, they are more likely to contact you. We recommend that you ask all your students to leave you a review.

By registering on our website, you have agreed to copy "" into all email correspondence between you and your students until the first 5 lessons have been booked. This is compulsory for all Free listings. Failing to do so can result in your profile being deleted from our website. An alternative to copying us into emails is to use the internal messaging system until the first 5 lessons have been booked.

We monitor this closely, and following the terms and conditions, you will be liable to pay back our financial losses if you find students through our website without paying us the commission for the 5 initial lessons. This only applies to Free listings. If you have a Pro listing, we don't take any commission from you.

Some people might go through a few tutors before they have found the perfect one for them. If you advertise your first lesson as a trial lesson with a discount or even for free, you make it easier for the students to approach you and book a trial lesson with you.

And here is the thing - if you know that you are a good tutor with a friendly, approachable personality, what are the chances that they are going to stick with you after your trial lesson and stop searching for other tutors? The chances are almost 100%. Searching for the perfect tutor is a lot of work for people. If they find a tutor that works, even if it’s the first tutor they trial with, most people would settle on that tutor right away and happily stop their search.

The trial lesson is your chance to prove to them that you are a good fit. Trial lessons are a bit like a job interview. It’s in the trial lessons you will get new students. Making the trial lesson as easy as possible to book for your potential students is for that reason a great marketing technique.

Yes, you can. And in fact, a lot of people might want to learn two instruments from the same tutor. Instead of finding two different tutors for each instrument, a lot of people prefer choosing one tutor that teaches both of their desired instruments. If you can teach both of these, you become a strong candidate for these students.

You can add as many instruments as you want from the dropdown menu when you create your listing. If your instrument is not there for some reason, please contact us and we will add it for you.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you add all your instruments to the same listing. Do not make one listing per instrument. Only one listing per tutor is allowed.

We are currently updating our guides and the material we have available. This should be available soon and all our tutors will have access to it. in the meantime while we make this ready, please get in touch with us for any advice you need, and we will assist you.