Finding your ideal music tutor is easy:

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From our homepage, select your instrument and your location from the dropdown menu to get a list of the best tutors near you.

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All tutors can be contacted from their individual profile pages. Contact as many tutors as you want. No restrictions!

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After arranging your first lesson with your chosen tutor, what’s left is to start learning. You pay your tutor directly.

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What is our criteria for accepting tutors?

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We investigate

At Duett, we thoroughly review and examine the tutors who apply and only accept those who we think is a match for our high criteria.

We interview

We sometimes meet up and interview prospective tutors. With some tutors, it’s enough with just a phone call or a video interview. We keep in close contact with them.

We search

We also actively hunt for good tutors to join our website. Tutors we know will provide great music lessons. Many listing sites accept tutors just as long as they have a DBS and can provide evidence that they have experience in their subject. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t say anything about their teaching skills. A good player isn’t necessarily a good communicator and a good teacher. These sites end up with having a lot of people with poor teaching skills.


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