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Student Faq

Finding your perfect tutor is easy. Go to our home page and simply search for your instrument and your area. A list of tutors in that area will come up. Click on the tutor you are interested in to read more about them. From their profile page, you can contact them directly to arrange lessons or ask them anything you want.

You are free to schedule in as many lessons as you want, provided your tutor is available. However, we do recommend that you have lessons at regular intervals to ensure a steady rate of progress. Once a week is most common. Before an exam or a performance, some people like to have two or three lessons a week.

All payments you make go directly to your tutor. No payments go through us. How you wish to pay your tutor is up to you and your tutor to arrange between yourselves. The payment method depends on what the easiest option is for you and your tutor. Some people prefer cash payments while others prefer bank transfers. For ongoing lessons, we recommend paying your tutor 5 lessons at a time in advance of the lessons. It is usually easier for both you and your tutor if you pay in bulk.

To both practise and to take full advantage of your lesson you will need your own instrument. However, if the instrument is not too large, your tutor might be able to bring a spare that you can use in the lessons until you know which one to buy.

Please ask your tutor if you are unsure.

At the moment, our tutors cover the most popular instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, bass, trumpet, saxophone and more.

When you search for a tutor at the top of our front page, you can find a list of all currently available instruments from the dropdown menu. Please be aware that we can’t guarantee that your instrument is available in your area.

If you can’t find the instrument you’re looking for at the moment, you might find it there on a future date. As we grow and increase the number of registered tutors on our site, we increase the number of instruments we offer as well.

Yes, most of our tutors can prepare their students for the most popular examination boards such as ABRSM, Trinity, The Rock School and London College of Music.

We can't guarantee that all our tutors can prepare you for your exam. If they can, this should be stated on their profile. Please contact the individual tutors directly if their profile doesn't state this clearly enough.

This depends on the parents, student and the tutor. In most cases, it is preferable if the tutor and the student have the lesson without someone else present in the room. This allows both the tutor and student to be completely free so that the child can take the full benefit of having private lessons with someone that they do not necessarily meet every day. This applies to both face-to-face lessons and online lessons.

Sometimes, especially in the beginning, it can be reassuring for both the parents and the tutor if one of the parents are present during the lesson. It might also be helpful for the parents to occasionally be present to see how the lessons are done. This ultimately comes down to what you decide with your tutor, so it might be worth asking them about it.

No. Finding a tutor on our website is completely free of charge. You don’t have to pay a penny until you find a tutor. Once you have found a tutor, you pay them directly.

You can leave a review on your tutor's listing profile.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we have a suitable tutor in your area. We do our best to add a range of different tutors to our site to suit everyone’s needs. However, because of the number of people needing lessons, we might not be able to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you haven’t found a suitable tutor on our website, please check back again at a later time.