Science backed learning techniques

Our excellent tutors are equipped with science backed educational techniques and know how their students can progress quickly.

Hassle free

We carefully evaluate all tutors before they are able to join us to give you the best music lessons available in London. Contact as many tutors as you want free of charge.

You will not be overcharged

Unlike many agencies, we don’t charge you anything extra on top of what you pay the tutors.

What’s so different with our music lessons?

It’s easy to find a music tutor. But on the other hand, it can be bloomin’ hard to find a GOOD music tutor. What’s so special with Duett is that we are the only music tuition service that satisfies all your needs when searching for music lessons. Just look at how we compare to other services.

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We focus more on our tutors’ teaching skills than any other listing service

There is a huge difference between a good teacher and a good musician. Having a good teacher is extremely important if you want to progress. Sadly, it’s really difficult for people to know whether your teacher has these skills or not.

What is unique about us is that we give our tutors access to guides and information about learning techniques that they can apply in their lessons. Some of our tutors have also been through our training program.

Our students have also access to exclusive material and information about scientifically proven methods for accelerated learning. The methods we use are designed to help you progress quickly.

See for yourself

Maybe this seems too good to be true? 

Start browsing tutors and find out for yourself. Our tutors can guide you through graded exams, you can learn for fun.

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Not convinced?

See what our students are saying about our music lessons.