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Piano teachers near me in London

If you live in London and are looking for the best piano teachers in your area, you have come to the right place.

Duett is all about finding the best teachers near you. All teachers who apply are carefully considered before being added to our site. As well as this, we actively hunt for experienced piano teachers who are passionate about teaching.

Many of our teachers are also experienced in conducting lessons online. So if you can’t find any piano teachers near enough to where you live, online lessons are a great alternative.

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What do we look for in our piano teachers?

We know that in order to progress, there are certain key qualities your piano teacher needs to possess:

  • Be committed and focused on your needs as their student.
  • Be able to provide fun and inspiring piano lessons.
  • Be good listeners.
  • Understand how you personally learn the best.

This is what will ensure a steady rate of progress. At Duett we work hard to find the piano tutors near you who possess these qualities. As you might understand, we strive to find teachers with an ability to understand and connect with people.

A teacher who understands you, listens to you and who you are not afraid to ask questions is ultimately what will keep you interested in learning the instrument. We have heard too many stories of people who have stopped playing the piano because they had a piano teacher who they didn’t connect with.

Personality matters

We don’t think anyone should be put off learning such a wonderful skill like playing the piano just because they had a bad teacher. This is why we are so focused on finding inspiring tutors, often with a fun and lively personality.

You can read more about your criteria for accepting piano teachers here.

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We believe everyone should have access to enthusiastic and passionate piano teachers.

If your piano teacher is enthusiastic and passionate about playing the piano, this is likely to be passed on to you as well. If you want to progress fast, nothing beats inspiration and excitement.

We have made it easy for you to find the teacher that best suits your needs. There are no restrictions for how many teachers you can contact. This will ensure that you can search until you find someone who works for you and has availability.

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Learn from the best piano teachers

Let’s start finding the perfect piano teacher for you and begin your musical journey.

Did you know?

Here at Duett, we focus a lot on improving our teachers’ teaching skills. That might sound a bit odd. But the truth is that a lot of piano teachers out there are certainly good players, but not always good teachers.

This is a problem that we are determined to change. When we recruit teachers, we do everything we can to coach them about music teaching. We show them what good teaching is all about.

Many of our tutors have also undergone training sessions. And we aim to have more of these in the future.

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