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We act a bit like a talent hunter for music teachers. Our goal is to find high quality music educators in London and collect them here for you to browse through.

On this page you will find all our violin teachers in London. They can all be contacted for free by visiting their individual profile page.

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How important is it to have a violin teacher?

The violin is widely regarded as one of the most difficult instruments to learn. There are so many intricate variables at play. For example, if you hold your hand in the wrong place and get used to this, it might take years to correct this bad habit later.

That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced teacher who knows exactly what to do and can prevent you from developing these bad habits.

Even though the violin is hard, don’t let that stop you from learning it. Once you are able to produce a good sound, the reward for learning the violin is sweet.

About our violin teachers in London

It’s not always that easy to find the perfect violin teacher. There is so much to look out for. They need to be good musicians as well as great teachers. This combination is often rare. It’s also quite difficult to judge how good your teacher is at teaching. A good player is not necessarily a good teacher.

At Duett we source violin teachers in London who have both of these qualities. We believe that a good teacher need to be able to inspire as well as teach well. We focus a lot on the teaching skills of our violin tutors. As weird as it might sound, this quality in teachers is overlooked. We want to change that trend.

All violin teachers in London that pass our criteria are collected here for you to browse through.

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What's so different with Duett?

We don’t take any ongoing commission from our teachers. This will make sure that you get a committed teacher. In our opinion, a committed teacher is a fully paid teacher.

When a company takes a large cut from every single lesson that a teacher is conducting, the teacher will feel dissatisfied and will stop caring about the quality of the lessons they conduct. We believe in this so strongly that we have built our whole business model around this concept.

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Not convinced?

See what students who have found a tutor on our website are saying about us.



“Duett is a great platform where music tutors can advertise their services and find new students. The interface is simple and easy to use, communication is quick and professional, and there is no ongoing commission for lessons taught. Highly recommend!”



“We have been looking for a violin teacher for a 6yr old and came across Sindre. He has been extremely helpful in finding us a suitable teacher ideal for young child. Anyone looking for learning any musical instrument can use this website. They will help you whether you are learning it as a hobby or on a professional level👍”



“Great service at Duett. We’ve been with their recommended tutor for more than a year now and he’s been great. Not only in terms of teaching skills but also in keeping our 9 y/o son motivated and excited about learning piano. He provided excellent support for preparation to perform at his school’s Talent Show and very intense Grade 1 exam preparations. Couldn’t be happier!”



“My son’s piano teacher is great! He has been taking lessons for a year now and he looks forward to every lesson. The lessons are fun and interesting so our teacher manages to keep my son motivated and excited. He provided great support for grade 1 exam preparations. We would definitely recommend him.”



“Couldn’t fault this. It is great to have someone who knows exactly what I need to practise and develop the best way possible. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a new instrument.”



“What an excellent service. Very professional and polite tutor. Great at accommodating all our requirements.”