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We are talent hunters for singing teachers in London – striving to find the cream of private singing teachers in London and collect them all here for you to browse through.

All our teachers can be contacted for free by visiting their individual profile page.

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What our singing teachers in London can help you with

Taking singing lessons does not only help for a singing career.

It is one of the best ways to train your voice in general. Having a strong voice will help you become more confident when speaking. This is useful when giving speeches and talking in front of a group of people.

So many insecurities happen because of weaknesses in our voice. One of our singing teachers can help you remove these weaknesses.

You will learn warm-up exercises that are extremely useful to prepare for speaking in front of an audience. 

About our singing teachers in London

Some people don’t really consider taking up singing lessons, even though they sing a lot.

But if you already play pop songs on the guitar or the piano, taking some singing lessons can massively improve your performance skills. A lot of our singing teachers in London teach other instruments as well, so it’s often a great idea to choose a teacher who can teach you both! They can then show you how to incorporate singing with your other instrument.

You can see what instruments all our tutors can teach on their profile page.

Since we are only focused on London teachers, this allows us to have a selective approach when sourcing singing teachers. We focus on quality over quantity to make sure you can find a teacher who knows their craft.

Singing teachers in London who wants to join us need to pass our criteria before they can be accepted.

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What's so different with Duett?

Finding a music tutor you get along with is often easier said than done. This is something we try to fix here at Duett. We also work hard to make sure our platform is loved by both students and teachers. It means a lot that both parties are happy. Just look at how we compare with other services.

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Not convinced?

See what students who have found a tutor on our website are saying about us.



“Duett is a great platform where music tutors can advertise their services and find new students. The interface is simple and easy to use, communication is quick and professional, and there is no ongoing commission for lessons taught. Highly recommend!”



“We have been looking for a violin teacher for a 6yr old and came across Sindre. He has been extremely helpful in finding us a suitable teacher ideal for young child. Anyone looking for learning any musical instrument can use this website. They will help you whether you are learning it as a hobby or on a professional level👍”



“Great service at Duett. We’ve been with their recommended tutor for more than a year now and he’s been great. Not only in terms of teaching skills but also in keeping our 9 y/o son motivated and excited about learning piano. He provided excellent support for preparation to perform at his school’s Talent Show and very intense Grade 1 exam preparations. Couldn’t be happier!”



“My son’s piano teacher is great! He has been taking lessons for a year now and he looks forward to every lesson. The lessons are fun and interesting so our teacher manages to keep my son motivated and excited. He provided great support for grade 1 exam preparations. We would definitely recommend him.”



“Couldn’t fault this. It is great to have someone who knows exactly what I need to practise and develop the best way possible. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a new instrument.”



“What an excellent service. Very professional and polite tutor. Great at accommodating all our requirements.”