Duett is One of the 100 Best Music Education Sites on the Planet! - Beyond Music blog post headers

Duett is One of the 100 Best Music Education Sites on the Planet!

It’s time for an announcement here at Duett. Earlier this week, we received some pretty amazing news that made us really excited.
Duett is One of the 100 Best Music Education Sites on the Planet! - 100 best music education websites
No question why we are so excited! And yes, we are aware we’re on 116th place instead of one of the 100 best… But still, we have reached another milestone!
Duett has been around for a couple of years, and we are already establishing ourselves as a solid authority when it comes to music education.

Our Mission

We have 3 ambitious goals with Duett. One of them is to create one of the most hassle-free and convenient platforms for students to find their perfect tutor. There is no paywall to go through, and you can contact as many tutors as you’d like to. Unlike many agencies, we don’t charge you anything extra on top of what you pay the tutors.
Our second goal is to attract the very best tutors to ensure that we can deliver on our high-quality promise. We carefully evaluate all tutors before they are able to join us. As well as ensuring they are talented musicians, we focus a lot on their ability to teach and convey what they know. Being a great teacher is more important than being a great player.
Our third goal is to educate tutors. So many tutors use outdated teaching methods with their students. Today, we have a wealth of effective and innovative teaching methods, and their capacity for deep learning has been confirmed by science. These methods and techniques make you learn quicker and also more thoroughly. There are better ways to learn, and at Duett we teach our tutors all about this.

So what does Feedspot actually do?

Feedspot is one of the most prominent authorities when it comes to ranking websites and curating content. They have a hard-working team who are constantly on the lookout for the best blogs and websites in a range of different niches. They know what’s out there, so getting their stamp of approval is pretty cool.
Feedspot also makes it easier for you to read your favourite websites all in one place. In your Feedspot account, you can add all your favourite blogs, youtube channels and social sites. When new content gets released from your favourite creators, it comes straight to you. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to go and check every single website yourself for new content.
So, as you can imagine, being acknowledged by Feedspot is worth celebrating. Most importantly – it’s a stamp of approval of the quality that is provided by Duett.
If you’re a student or a teacher, make sure you stick around. There is a lot of great stuff here already. And this is only the beginning.