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10 easy beginners songs for the violin

Do you or your child want to learn to play the violin? Are you looking for a list of simple violin songs to learn and practise? We’ve compiled a collection of simple violin solos that are perfect for beginners to study and will help you improve your violin playing in this post.

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This simple song is usually taught to children from an early age and is an excellent introductory violin tune.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by a poem written by Jane Taylor, an English poet. The original poem, titled “The Star,” was first published in 1806 in Rhymes for the Nursery, a nursery book. Sheet music for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” can be found on the internet in a variety of places; however, because there are multiple variations in different keys, we recommend practising it in more than one key once you’ve mastered one.

2. Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” was composed as a poem by John Newton in 1772, and the music was published in 1779. Today, there are several arrangements available for violinists to master, as well as versions that contain accompaniment parts.

As a novice violinist, it’s usually a slow-paced piece of music that introduces you to new concepts such as downbeats and a variety of musical notes.” It is a perfect song for beginner violin students because it’s just played on the A and D strings.

3. Ave Maria

There are multiple arrangements of “Ave Maria” produced for musicians of various ability levels, but it is frequently done quite simply, making it a perfect piece to learn for beginner violinists. “Ave Maria” is slow-paced and allows you to practise several aspects of violin playing, including bow control and a left-hand technique known as vibrato, as well as playing on the A and E strings of the violin.

4. When The Saints Go Marching In

This is another classic hymn, which was famously sung and recorded by Louis Armstrong and his jazz ensemble in 1938. The song has a basic melody and repeating words, and it, like many of the other songs on this list, can be played in a range of tempos, making it an excellent tune for beginning violinists. Because of its lively characteristics, you will probably enjoy playing it, but if the speed is too fast for you, you can slow it down and still enjoy the song.

5. City of Stars from La La Land

It’s an excellent piece to learn for novice violinists since it has notes on three strings: the D, A, and E-Strings, as well as a slow and passionate tempo that allows you to practise expressing emotion with your violin.

Because of its basic nature and memorable tune, it’s also a fantastic one to use to train your memorisation skills.

6. La Vie en Rose

“La Vie en Rose” is a well-known French song composed by Édith Piaf and Spanish composer Louiguy in 1945. It has been covered by many musical artists and has numerous versions that have appeared on the Billboard charts, as well as multiple arrangements that are available for beginner violinists to practice. You’ll enjoy practising this song as it differs from many of the simple songs offered to beginners.

“It’s normally played at a moderate tempo, allowing you to explore the emotional side of your violin as well as bow slurring techniques, eighth notes, and a variety of other methods.”

7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Wizard of Oz was a huge hit when it was first premiered in 1939, and its primary song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” was famously performed by Judy Garland.

This song has straightforward patterns and a leisurely tempo, making it an excellent tune for a beginner to play. The tune includes notes on the G, D, and A strings, allowing you to have a better understanding of the three strings and learn how to transition between them effortlessly on your violin.

8. Oh! Susanna

“Oh! Susanna” is a happy, cheerful song with a lot of sixteenth and eighth notes, but as a beginner, you’ll probably want to slow it down and speed it up as you feel more familiar with the notes. Both G and D strings are used largely in this tune but the open A-string is also used. Alternatively, if you want to practise playing notes with your pinky, you can use your pinky to play the A-notes on your violin’s D-string.

9. The Godfather Theme

Probably one of the most iconic works of all time. The theme tune is created for the violin and is an excellent song to add to your repertoire as a beginner. The song features notes on the G, D, and A-string of the violin as well as a mix of eighth notes, half notes, and dotted-half notes in the song.

10. Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter film soundtrack, formally titled “Hedwig’s Theme,” is well-known and appreciated by many.

The theme tune contains a wide range of note types as well as diverse bow strokes, allowing you to practise different bow techniques.

“Hedwig’s Theme” is also played on three violin strings, allowing you to practise with three of your instrument’s four strings.

To summarise our collection of beginner violin pieces: there are lots of easy violin songs for beginners to choose from, and we hope our list has made the process a little easier for you!

The most important thing to remember is that every song, no matter how difficult, can be played with repetition and practise.